Explore what Milia is…

“What are these little white spots on my skin? Where do they come from? How the heck do I get rid of it? Can you extract them?”


What are these little white spots on my skin? Where do they come from?

Milia are small keratinized cells that become trapped or impacted underneath the uppermost layer of the skin. Milia reside in the epidermis of the skin and primary form due to lack of hydration to the epidermis. Because of this dehydration, small white cysts will form in the epidermis. These pearls of cells are harmless but aggravating because they impede on skin looking clear.

How the heck do I get rid of it? Can you extract them?”

As annoying as they are to look at you cannot extract them! The only proper way to rid yourself of Milia is to start a chemical peel series for deeper exfoliation and invest in a good hydrating serum and in time they will diminish! Good Luck!




How Bad Is It to Fall Asleep With Makeup On?

All types of makeup can cause damage, but some are worse than others. Foundations and primers, especially oil based, can block pores and deter your skin from breathing,

Concealer tends to aggravate acne, which is a cruel and unusual punishment, since you’re likely using it to cover up blemishes in the first place. And leaving lipstick on can result in chapped, dry lips.

Your lashes aren’t safe either. Leaving mascara on overnight can cause eyelashes to become brittle, break easily, and even shed faster. Eye makeup can also lead to irritation or even more serious eye infections, like conjunctivitis, if particles make their way into your eyes as you’re tossing and turning.



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Birchbox Treasure…

Every month I receive my Birchbox and Ipsy boxes and every now and then I get something in them I end up loving and order the full size of, for the month March I got a sample size of a Lavender and Bergamot body nectar from MSC SKIN CARE + HOME. I loved it so I ordered the full size of it

This is what it looks like! After the first purchase I thought I loved it so much I would try another one so I purchased another body nectar and a soap bar

 That was my order and when I actually got it to much of my surprise I also got a handwritten card with an even bigger surprise in the card

That’s right they doubled my order! Just because! So it’s safe to say not only is the product amazing apparently so is their customer service! Could you say happy customer? So happy Friday everybody and order yourself a body nectar!